The following was taken from my review of the Falcon LS 3/5a Gold Badge mini monitor;

“Fast forward to my latest acquisition of Japanese Anime soundtrack, DRAGON BALL SUPER (Nagara Group/ Nippon Columbia COZC-1387-8), where I found the recording/ presentation to be slightly harsh and slightly noisy. Surprisingly, the Falcon LS 3/5a Gold Badge managed to tune down that harshness and (yet) maintain the legibility of the total presentation. I would add that there was (even) a hint of refinement to a supposedly slightly noisy recording. Some may argued that the finding was an indication of the added coloration of the Falcon LS 3/5a Gold Badge. However, I would add that I have yet to experience an uncolored (performance) audio component,…and that the above finding was also an indication of the coherency of the design and product