Star Tracks (Telarc CD-80094)

The Star Wars series have not only good story, special effects, actors, actresses, but also memorable soundtrack. Therefore, I used one of its track for the review of the Gryphon Ethos,
“The Cincinnati Pops Orchestra led by Erich Kunzel playing The Imperial March from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back at Star Tracks (Telarc CD-80094) was never that gloriously illustrated by any other CD player in my audio system before the arrival of the Gryphon Ethos with every area of the orchestra and its musicians brightly shone and clearly presented (I do not mean an exaggeration of the higher frequencies). The orchestra drums located behind the ensemble of musicians, were powerful in quality and quantum, thus showcased the grandness, scale, emotion and impact of the orchestra, the hall and more importantly, the music that represent the Mightiness and Vastness of the Empire” (I just finished Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker [ep.9], again)”.