This is an evergreen classic album that fit for any music lover and audiophile…the music is great and easily acceptable, and the recording is top notch!
The following is taken from the Franc Audio Accessories Ceramic Footers;
“Thereafter, playing BILL EVANS TRIO SUNDAY AT THE VILLAGE VANGUARDS (Mofi UltraDisc One-Step Pressing UD1S 2-002) on the Sperling turntable was more revealing and more emotionally engaging, comparatively.
Here, the nuances in strength and pressure applied on the keys of the Steinway Grand Piano by Bill Evans at the Village Vanguard was more obvious, palpable and tangible. There was more of that above mentioned there-ness, as if I was seated closer to Bill and the Grand Piano.
The details of that recording session started to emerge, bloom and float therefore a I felt a sensation of freshness to an aged but known recording. The accompanying musicians, both Scott LaFARO and Paul Motian, and their instruments were given more definition, density, delineation and presence…(as if given) new life, vibe and energy. There was something refreshing and apparent about those resonating strings of the double bass by Scott, and the coarse skin vibrating at the drum after each brush and hit by Paul. I found their respective role and contribution to the session were given more light thus meaning in the play.
I supposed that the inclusion of the Ceramic Disc Slim Foot(ers) and the Ceramic Disc Classic(s) shown that the actual recording has the audiences as part of the presentation. Expect to hear the audiences in a new light and role in the presentation. I remembered hearing more pronounced conversations among the audiences and more fleshed out clapping of hands by them at the end of the track, “Alice in Wonderland””.