Yao YingGe “Wine of Daughter to be Married”

Yao YingGe is a famous audiophile vocalist/ singer with a sultry voice that will leave a good impression…not to mention,the fine recording.

The following is taken from the review of Nasotec Swing Headshell,

“I find the Thomas Schick analogue transport with the Nasotec Swing Headshell has a certain attractiveness when presenting instruments of natural material as in Yao YingGe “Wine of Daughter to be Married” (Guangzhou Fenglin Culture Communication Co Ltd FLLP-C15, 180g Vinyl). Here, there are so much detailing that bring about a clear awareness of naturalness in those instruments.
It is not just the almost analytical detailing of each natural instrument that attract, but the presentation of organism of the natural material of the bamboo pipe (by Yanjian Tan), the Oboe (by Sihui Liao) and the Zitar (by Ying He)”.