Three years ago I was given the opportunity to listen to a set-up, belonging to an adventurer/ climber…which I gladly took.

The owner, Nava Seelan who loves to climb the higher peaks on the planet…shared his experiences and savory of the tranquility at those high places.

I assumed that he expect a resembling sensation from the performance of his audio system…(?)

Nava opened up his collection of records for me to choose…we ended up playing tunes from percussions to orchestra/soundtracks and finally vocals.

I must say how surprised I was with the sound quality which was enveloping, extended and controlled…

…although the listening space was not thoroughly treated, but the images were more focused and defined, than expected.

Nava admitted to all that he was not a hard core audiophile, however the sound quality from his set-up proved otherwise…he or someone must be hard at work tuning the audio system…

I learnt that Nava has upgraded his speakers… look forward to another visit!