The following excerpt is from the Nasotec VEM Clamp review,

“On a lighter mood, I dig out to play one of my ol’time favorite anime soundtrack, Genesis Climber Mospeada (Victor JBX-25029…where in the USA, it is under the Robotechseries). The title song, “In Search Of Lost Dreams (…lonely soldier boy)” where I find the vocalist, Andy Koyama‘s voice tends to lose its presence amidst the accompanying music. However, the addition of the VEM clamp resulted in Koyama‘s voice being cleaned up and stood out. I find similar result at the final track/song, “Blue Rain”, where both vocalists’, Koyama and Mine Matsuki, voices become more pronounce and their presence more obvious, tangible, focus and individualize”.

This record may not be of audiophile quality but it is part of my childhood and I spin it whenever the mood calls for it…enjoy