I have been a fan of the manga and anime series of City Hunter like ever since. I found their latest movie, City Hunter Private Eyes (2019) to be quite refreshing with a soundtrack of their most memorable songs and music…mostly of Jazz and Ballad genres.

The recording here is to be expected of Japan’s standard and quality.

A MUST for their fans and a WORTHY entertainment for the music fan of their genre.

The following was taken from my review of the Honest Transducer, the XAV EXPRESSO,

“The mid bass transient and energy of the Expresso were clean, tempo-right and punchy, with the recent works of Taku Iwasaki, “CITY HUNTER PRIVATE EYES” Original Soundtrack (CD, Aniplex SVWC 70395). Impressively, these babies were able to punch and move some waves of air at only around 85dB peak, and without any hint of distortion, exhaustion and loss of integration among the musical contents. In other words, if so chose, one could dance with them at higher volume level than the normal mini monitors!”