FM 268C Preamplifier to Start the Year 2020!

As most Chinese know that we are celebrating Chinese New Year (2020). Thus, we are having a short holiday.
What better to spend some time playing with one’s audio system, after some good fellowship with love ones.

It’s been sometimes since I last played with the Linearizer feature of the FM 268C.

Playing with the linearizer feature is like riding  a bicycle…you don’t really forget how to play with it.

I started off by playing with the middle knob of 800Hz to achieve a ‘desired sound’, then proceeded with the 200Hz knob and then the 50Hz knob to balance off the tonality.

Finally, I played with the 3.2kHz knob then the 12.8kHz knob to sizzle up (a bit) the tonality.

There is no right or wrong here. However, any listener will know when there is too much or too little in the particular frequency of a presentation.

Have some Audio/Music fun 2020!