Magnaplan have been making fantastic sounding Magneplanar / thin-film (Mylar) magnetic speakers for years…

(Acoustic Signature Storm Turntable, Ikeda Tonearm, Clearaudio Stradivari MC phono cartridge)

…and they have never fail to impress and touch my musical soul.

(Audio Research CD 9 Player)

When an audiophile friend told me about a high end audio system in town which build around the Magneplanar (Maggie)…I asked him to get me an invitation for a listening session…

(Synergistic Research EF12 Power Distribution)

The owner, Mr.Fong of that system welcomed my request, and very soon I was in that audio room!

Wow! The center of attention was not only at the Maggie…but, the entire High End Audio System that consisted some serious gears from Jadis, Audio Research, Acoustic Signature, PS Audio, Synergestic Research, JL Audio, Nordost,…etc

(Jadis Mono 200 Tube Amplifier)

The audio room was comfortably sized and sparsely treated to respectable result.

(Nordost Valhalla 2 Speaker Cables)

Without further ado, the owner started the listening session with a selection of his favorite tunes from his CDs collection.

As expected, with those gears coupled with the Maggie…music just flowed through…and enveloped the entire audio room, as if I was in the recording venue.

There was smoothness and roundness to the tones.

Nothing was harsh nor bright…just fine musical tones from the low mid to the expected high.

(Audio Research 40th Anniversary Tube Preamplifier)

In addition, I was treated with some soulful vocals that were both alluring and captivating.

(Audio Research Reference 2 Phonostage)

The definition and delineation of those vocal was good.

However, if I am to be critical, ‘slightly soft’, which many may consider as ‘natural’ and at times, ‘bloomy’…

(Furutech LP Demagnetizer)

…(alternatively and positively) the Maggies have gained much fan for such characteristics!

Instrumentation was well sized and never over bearing or bloated.

(The MAGGIE 3.7i Speaker)

Again, if I was being critical, I would say that most Maggies’ low bass was a tad soft and ill defined at most times. Their punches were not hard enough.

However, Mr.Fong managed to mate the JL Audio subwoofer with his Maggies to enhance the lower registries to good result…the bass was lively and quantifiable.

I would also credit Fong for the ingenuity of reinforcing the stand and base for the Maggies.

Therefore resulted in a more stable and solid imaging and soundstage, comparatively with my few other experiences with the Maggies in other set up.

I would say I left that session with respect to Fong for being able to strengthen the strength and covered the weaknesses of his Maggie…Bravo!