Lyn Stanley’s “London Calling-A Toast To Julie London”.
Only but a few years ago I remember hearing about a beautiful and talented lady who has just released an album of her singing and accompanied by some serious musicians. At the time, I said to myself I would not mind having another (beautiful and talented) female audiophile record in my collection. Very happy to say, I have bought more than one title and many copies later, I have become a big fan of Ms Stanley.
I admit that I was not immediately taken in by her voice. However, after repeated and pleasurable listenings, I found that her voice and style slowly sunk into me. Later on, I found myself playing her albums to my audiophile guests. Some commented that I liked only her recording, but I begged to differ. I found her voice and style to be sassy, sexy, stylist and jazzy, and contrarily natural and un-forward at times. I could only deduce that that is her natural character, of which I believe is ‘bold’.
Her latest endeavor, “London Calling-A Toast To Julie London” was to me nothing but bold. Her voice and style remained honest to herself and to her artistry. No, Lyn does not sing nor sound like Julie and I do not expect her to try. She sings just the way she is most comfortable at and to me, that is honesty (and that’s the way I like it, too).
Her rendition of ‘Bye Bye Blackbird’ with only a bassist, is a fresh and bold approach. I am of the opinion that Lyn’s artistry has reached that level where she is able to hold up and carry the entire song next to the talented bassist, Chuck Berghofer.
I am particularly fond of her sensuous rendition of ‘Cry Me A River’ with only two musicians; Chuck Berghofer on bass and John Chiodini on guitar. The space allows listeners to experience and enjoy Lyn’s ‘slow but steady’ vocals. You can feel her every expression as she poured her emotions into the lyrics. The same could be said for her rendition of the next track, ‘Sway‘. What came to my mind then was that she knows her strength and she knows how best to present it.
On ‘Go Slow/ Nice Girls Don’t Stay For Breakfast’, Lyn’s ‘slow but steady’ vocals came with stamina and sustainability that led the accompanying musicians to a higher tempo and beat. Here’s a totally new experience for me and it brings to light another different and captivating perspective to her artistry and talent.
When it came to the accompanying musicians, I believe she got the ‘Best Deal’ in the industry. You can expect some seriously talented musicianship here and all were captured in ultra detail and resolution with transients and dynamic bass that represent state of the art in recording, in my audio book (credit to Bernie Grundman).
From a fan to all audiophile and music lovers, this album is a definite keeper that you can enjoy again and again! Bravo Ms Lyn Stanley!