FM Acoustics is what the Doctor ordered!


 Dr. Rashid, the owner of this fine audio system graciously invited me to have a listening session with him and his audio buddies. 

We started the listening session around 9pm and ended at 1am. In between, we have a short break for supper at the premises. 

I believed the doctor has spun more than 30 tracks of music that covered vocal, percussions, Big Bang, rock, pop and classical. I think that about covered all the usual genre of music out there. 

Our resident doctor loves his music at volume, energy and surrealism that reminiscent a ‘live’ event. To achieve that, I believe the audio system must be of a certain high quality and performance. It’s not just a simple feat of loudness and/or ‘kaboom’, if so a cheap PA system could have the job done,…the audio system in question has no discernible distortion, maintained control, stability and naturalness even at that level!

To illustrate, we heard 3 vocal tracks from the songstress, Ms. Salena Jones (JVC Japan Vinyl pressing) that managed to peak at 100.8dB!

Here, there was no hint of aggressiveness and compression. Her voice was rendered natural, sweet and even seductive at the nominal volume level around 90dB.  

To me that was very close to a ‘live’ event with the songstress in that room, singing through a first class amplified mike! 

As for percussion or instrumental music, the separation, movement and direction of each musician and his or her instrument was equally first class. 

As for bigger stage presentation such as the Big Bang Music, this audio system could easily allowed any listener to appreciate the sheer size of the soundstage with impressive depth, width and height. This audio system was so quiet…that even a slight nuance was audible.

We played a number of Rock and Pop tracks that I found them to be exciting, energizing and if the tracks allowed, powerful. I believed those showcased the audio system’s attributes in transparency to the native recording’s.

Finally, we came to some serious demanding classical tracks. I have him played as loud as he dared to. In short, we peaked at 106.9dB! (I believed that the audio system could have gone much higher without even a hint of distortion).

At that volume level, the orchestra was presented with ‘glory and ease’. Yes, the presentation was not etched, compressed or congested. 

The flow of the orchestra could be easily followed. That was a feat that very few high end audio system could performed, to my standard and in my audio book.

The separation among the musicians was well spaced thus illustrated a ‘surreal size’ of orchestra.

When it came down to the extreme low frequencies that covered the bass waves that fuzzed the hairs on my leg, this audio system have it in spades!

This audio system easily went for my ‘musical’ heart and soul. 

My two thumbs up to the doctor!