YL Audio, the distributor of some finest audio brands in the world!


YL Audio in Malaysia represents some truly ‘Big Names’ in audio industry, Ocean Five Loudspeakers, Kronos Audio (jointly & exclusively with Perfect HiFi), Absolare, Skogrand, Magnet, Vermouth, Echole, Franks, etc. They have set up an amazing audio system costing above US$500,000-00 in a ‘home setting’ to thrill their potential clientele of what is ever possible sonically without a budget ceiling!

Analogue Fellowship members were invited for an ‘audio-ride’ there that they could never forget (and asked for more).

Our senior member, Mr.Robin commented and written the following;

“YL Audio : Kronos Pro TT, Absolare electronics, DEOX active X overs & Thailand made subwoofers amps, Ocean 5 Spkrs (designed & made by James Chin himself with ScanSpeak drivers & locally made MDF cabinets. System 👍but ‘ruthlessly revealing’ (a favourite reviewers’ remark😌). _ Orff’s Carmina Burana_ (Telarc) & _Saint-Saën’s Symphony No3_ (Reference Recording ) sounded ‘concerthallish’ 👌👍, from the tightly controlled bass drum & tympani rolls to the articulate massed choir to the smoothly reproduced soprano’s high ‘Cs’ in the former & the subtly reproduced & well controlled lower bass organ notes & massed violins in the latter. But Diana Krall was somewhat sibilant & accompanying music rather cloying in _The Look of Love_ compared to her much better recorded _Live in Paris_”

”I should add I listen for almost 5hrs (excl toilet & coffee breaks😄) *w/o* suffering listening fatigue 👌👍, another criterion of a good system ( LF Free, that is)”.