Breuer 8C (TWA modified) tonearm and Koetsu Rosewood Platinum MC Phono Cartridge on TechDas Air Force One Turntable


It’s kinda late

…but an inner urge pushed me to pen down a few words about the re-installation of my Breuer 8C tonearm (modified and sold by TWA of the famed turntables manufacturer) and my Koetsu Rosewood Platinum MC cartridge. The project took a number of hours on my TechDas Air Force One turntable.

By the time music started to play, I completely forgot the time spent of hours of bending and standing involved. I gave the Koetsu and Breuer about two hours to warm up before serious listening and further fine tuning started. My first impressions from that combo through the FM Acoustic 223 phono stage have been enlightening.

Firstly, the quietness of the background of an orchestra with about a hundred plus musicians playing was impressive. The ‘quietness’ allowed the musical instruments to float out nicely. In addition, the front, mid and back sections of the orchestra were well segregated.

Secondly, I was captured by the three dimensional portrayal of the individual musical instruments. The instruments have breath, texture, layer upon layer of details and weight. I think the pairing was nothing like the other MC cartridge and tonearm combinations installed in my arsenal.

Thirdly, the low and mid bass was well controlled and stayed in their intended play in the recording. I would say that even the quantity of low bass was well articulated. The nuances of any bass note were easily heard and felt. 

Fourthly, the coloration of the Koetsu was more evident in the mid-range and it gave off a “darker sound”. In a way, it added realism to the tones of the musical instruments, especially those made of wood. Here, the piano notes have a more rounded edge but within that, it was denser and weightier comparatively. 

In conclusion, I knew that the few hours spent was more than worth it. In my tired but satisfied state, I was treated to an (alternative) musical bliss.