Vitus Masterpiece MP-P201

The 2016 upgraded Vitus Masterpiece phono stage

The best gets better?!
Early this year I was offered to upgrade my Vitus MP-P201 (hereinafter referred to as MPP) to its latest specification. Currently, the MPP is the best phono stage in the Vitus arsenal. Almost all that they knew in making the ultimate phono stage are in it. The great technology from the Vitus Masterpiece Mono amplifier (MP-M201) has been adopted into this latest iteration of the MPP. I have lived with the MP-M201 for some years and have the pleasure to listen to some great amplifiers in those times, I must say my preference is still very much leaned toward the Vitus’. I have a few audio designers and well experienced audiophiles whom have came over for a listen too have expressed their fondness at the MP-M201. Some have decided to plunged into them. I believed the freedom and instant delivery of power, and the extreme low noise floor are their instant attractiveness (the full review of the MP-M201 at Mono & Stereo).
Back to the MPP, I was promised that the latest iteration has much lower noise floor and better “wallop”. But, almost all the innards of the unit have to be replaced. The chassis is the only part that remained. Thus, the new MPP is an altogether new design and parts from what I had. The upgrade took a good few months to complete.
The new MPP does not need to change modules to enjoy different loading. All the required loading options are in the firmware and can be accessed on the fly. The owner can specify to Vitus Audio of any loading option(s) outside the standard package. The gain has been increased to 75dB instead of my older unit’s maximum gain of only 72dB. The MPP can easily accommodate those extreme low output MC phono cartridge from the likes of Audio Note, Kondo and etc which are below 0.1 mV.
Another new feature in the new MPP is the “mono” option for mono output phono cartridge.