TOMBO AUDIO Meow continues to meow Me?! (Part 2)

After reading my review of his MEOW , the head honcho of TOMBO AUDIO, (Mr) Vattana kun messaged me to try connecting/ grounding my audio components with it,…especially with his TOMBO AUDIO reference grounding cable. He told me that his reference grounding cable was made not with off the shelf materials but with a ‘special recipe’ of 6NOCC Single Crystal Copper combined with 6NOCC Pure Silver and Solid Gold Wire,…his research in Metallurgy that he was pretty proud of.

Therefore, I did so with the ‘Negative’ output/ plug at my amplifier, the VITUS AUDIO MASTERPIECE MP-M201.

To be frank, I have played with a number of Independant Grounding devices, from passive (ENTREQ, Self Made Bespoke Design by [Mr] YF FONG, E-LOOPS) to active (TELOS from Taiwan). So far, I still employed all the above-mentioned Independant Grounding devices and still a firm proponent of their attributes and contributions to my ‘desired’ sound quality. So, after having my audio system to be supposedly and sufficiently ‘grounded’, I (justifiably) did not expect any significant ‘improvement’ to the sound quality.

However to my pleasant surprise, I did experience an even quieter background,…that resulted in a more ‘surreal‘ soundstage,…a more intimate sensation and surreality of the stage where the artists/ musicians stood to perform. If given and played a spectacular recording such as the newly available “Supersonic Ultimate SoundOne-Step Vinyl Record and SACD of LYN STANLEY ‘BLACK DRESS BALLADS’ (A.T. Music LLC ATM 3111), I could easily experience the refinement, definition and surreality effect of the whole presentation.

The added MEOWs as a grounding device and with the connecting TOMBO AUDIO reference grounding cables, provided improved transparency to the air and space/ separation between the wonderful ensemble of artists/ musicians,…and their respective play and control/ artistry,…thus better appreciation of individualism within the whole presentation.

In addition, each note was clearly segregated, and given enough space and time to start, stop and roll off to its intended end. Therefore, each note sounded richer and rounder,…and with clearer definition, outline,…and even weightier.

Henceforth, I found the presentation to be (ever) slightly slower, but never sluggish. Instead I found the whole presentation to be more dynamic,…and with cleaner and powerful low bass.


Obviously, my supposedly and sufficiently grounded audio system benefitted in sound quality from the MEOWs connected as additional grounding devices. If there is ever a phenomenon of ‘over-grounding’ in an audio system, I found mine has not reach it, even with multiple grounding devices connected!