The Bass is the foundation of Music?!

My take to that question is a firm ‘yes’…I cannot imagine a note without the element of bass to sustain it. Even higher notes have that mid high bass to sustain them.

Both Audio Giants at play!

There are those whom argue that ‘clean bass to an audio set up produces better highs’…(that is something to ponder upon?).

JL AUDIO Subwoofer!

This ‘open door’ visit brings me to Mr.Soo’s audio set up that (interestingly) include a full range floor standing MAGICO loudspeakers that coupled with a pair of JL AUDIO subwoofers.


My abovementioned ‘interestingly’ in that set up is the technicality employed in coupling the subwoofers with the main loudspeakers.

My previous rodeos with such set up were mostly ‘by ear’ on the part of the owners…, that I could easily understood and appreciate their taste of ‘color’ in music reproduction.

On the part of Mr.Soo, he preferred to rely on tools (both software and hardware) to obtain the ‘best coupling’ in frequency, gain, phase, etc at the subwoofers in his audio space, with the main loudspeakers. After that, he would ever so slightly adjust those settings by ear,…to obtain his desired color/ sound quality.

What is your desired Color?

Mr.Soo confessed that he changed the setting (slightly) from time to times to achive the desired color for the desired music of the day…richer tonality for vocal, bigger presentation for orchrstra, deeper thwack for jazz…etc etc.

The digital source to be reckoned with…

However, most audiophile play around with tweaks, loudspeakers’ placements, accessories, cables, etc to achieve almost the same.

MIT ORACLE Speaker Cable,…my ol’ flame and reference.

I doubt there is any real heated passionate audiophile that can sit calmly with his/ her audio set up for long…’there is always something to be done to improve the sound quality (?)’…till the next upgrade(?).

CH PRECISION,…The Ever High Resolution Amplifier of the Day!

The ‘Right Footing’!

To me, Mr.Soo has the ‘Right Footing’ in music reproduction…the bass. He managed to entice me with his achieved sound quality…each note was tight, lean, hard, and definedyou would never miss a note here. In addition, it impressed me with a clear and almost see through soundstage. Nothing seemed to faze the audio presentation here,…even the toughest or most complicated orchestra passage or the biggest bang jazz band,

all was under controlled!

I believed that that unmissable attribute may ‘also‘ be the contribution of the ever high resolution of the CH Precision electronics! (Bravo).

Hearing that sound quality made you wondered ‘how much details you might have missed‘ in your favorite music in the past…enjoy.