Did TOMBO AUDIO Meow meow my Audio Heart? (Part 1)

TOMBO AUDIO‘s (Mr.)Vattana ‘Audio Playboy’ Prasertnasung was very excited about his latest creation, the Meow. He wanted me to try them, and give my honest opinion on them.


“Meow is the very first of its kind. It is an Electro-Acoustic device that treats both acoustic and electric grounding. 

Acoustic design aspect

Size, shape and material were carefully designed as a cylindrical shape with a silky smooth surface. When sound impacts meow, it will Omni-directionally reflect the sound in good order.

Electric grounding design

Most electronic circuits are designed to put noise through grounding to the chassis of the audio device. This noise will flow over the surface of the chassis without direction. By placing Meow on top of the device, it will interface with chassis grounding and manage the flow direction of this grounding”.

(Taken from their website: www.tombo-audio.com)

The Meow family…they may bite your audio heart?!

Did Meow meow me?

(Mr.)Vattana passed me the pink gold version (and three sizes) of the Meows and the ‘special‘ grounding cables (at prototype stage,…which would be officially introduced soon) to try…they were the higher priced version, comparatively.

The smallest Meow in action…already a potent!

Initially, I placed one (1) smallest Meow in between the main loudspeakers (or center stage), I noticed the treble has slightly more energy,…images have better delineation and outline,…better separation between notes and,…a slight more articulation at the basspotent

Then I replaced that smallest Meow to the bigger (standard) size at the same position. The abovementioned effects got more vivid. Finally, I placed the biggest Meow there, I was given more of that same effects (would there be any bigger Meow?)…really potent

Meow near the tweeter did enhance the vividness of the treble.

(Mr.)Vattana has recommended to me to try placing one Meow on top of the cabinet of each loudspeaker (preferraby an inch behind the top driver?),…and I found the soundstage opened up wider, higher and with clearer depth,…without any lost of density to the images within. Here, with two (2) Meows at the loudspeakers and one (1) in between them,…they have provened to me that they were necessary for better audio soundstaging…very potent

Meow placed at the top center rear of the loudspeaker did change the depth of the soundstage.

Next, I tried the grounding feature of the Meow,…I connected the biggest Meow to the digital/ RCA input of my PIONEER UDP-LX 500 Universal Disc Player, with the ‘special‘ grounding cable. I could have sworn that the…

Meow worked as a grounding device too.

(a) video quality, especially during dynamic movement scene was slightly more stable,…colors were more natural thus accurate,…and the

(b) sound quality has improved with lower noise floor, better details, more dynamic and better bass

Meow at the top chassis of the Vitus amplifier.

Deadly Potent Meow!

…that was the word in my audio heart after the few exercises with the Meows. According to the ‘Audio Playboy‘, those were not the only positions where the Meow could effectively work…there were other possibilities.

Next, I would try to connect the Meow with the TOMBO AUDIO Power Station 10 (PS-10 Sun & PS-10 Moon)…more playabilities there?!