TAD’s the Muhammad Ali of Audio System?! (Part 2)

It was in 2019 that I last visited Mr. (TAD) Tan‘s audio set up. He got the nick name TAD because he was and still is a TAD afficionado…he just loved the way music flows through them, electronics and transducers.

Now, fast forwarded to 2023, and after some serious monetary saving, he decided to plunge into the latest loudspeaker flagship from TAD, the REFERENCE ONE (R1) TX (which replaced the already formidable REFERENCE ONE MK.2)…which was supplied by AV DESIGNS SDN BHD (MALAYSIA).

Look-wise, the TAD R1 TX did not seem to be any different from the previous models (R1 Mk.1 & 2). However, there were a number of changes/ upgrades to it that eluded the eyes. I think the biggest difference was the end result which was the ‘sound quality‘.

The new TAD R1 TX flagship was already an imposing and beautiful loudspeaker that could easily command the center stage in an already huge/ impressive audio set up. Eventhough so, I found its audio presentation to be the ‘brighter highlight’ that could easily capture the heart of any listener (especially the keen and interested),…especially with its almost true to “Live-Scale“, “Live-Dynamic/ Power” and “Live-Neutral” presentation,…

The lightning fast/ nimble and (yet) defined bass that would give anyone the fright of his/ her ‘audio’ life,…

The ‘slightest nuances’ in details/ notes audible even within complicated,difficult and loud passages,…(and)

Finally, the soundstage that covered wall to wall of the audio space/ room, at an almost enveloping three dimensions sensation.

After an hour or so listening to that meticulous audio set up, I realised the ‘similarities’…that Mr.TAD Tan has managed to bring forth all the prowess (and more) of his initial monitor speaker, the TAD CR1 set up to the newly set up TAD R1 TX…I could hear the lighting fast and nimble attack or bombardment of bass, the tremendous details and the nuances therein…and more, qualitative-wise…reminiscent of the float and stings of the Legendary Heavy Weight Champion Boxer, Muhammad Ali.

That reinforced my belief that “any capable audiophile, given any capable audio component(s) and/or audio system would end up with almost the same (color of) sound,…however the quality of sound maybe different (depending on the component(s) used)“.

Here, the TAD R1 TX also proved to be as neutral a transducer that allowed the owner to further expressed his audio preference, color and artistry to a whole new level of audio enlightenment and appreciation.

“Another wonderful listening session at Mr. (TAD) Tan’s”…BRAVO!