MAGNETAR UDP-900 4K Blu Ray/ SACD Player…the Top Source?!

Lately, we have been hearing and reading many rave reviews from the media about the MAGNETAR’s latest flagship in physical/ disc media player, the UDP 900 4K Blu Ray/ SACD…that was launched at the Munich High End 2023. That peaked my interest in the player and therefore I asked the local representative, CREATIVE AV SDN BHD (MALAYSIA) for a ‘sneak peak’ when it landed. They obliged me with their demo unit.

I learned that the UDP-900 4K was a capable SA/CD Player. The audio presentation was both musical, detail, entertaining and satisfying…it deserved the local asking price of RM13,999…even when compared to other high to ultra end CD player in my keep.

However, I must clarified my above statement…the MAGNETAR UDP-900 was a formidable SA/CD performer at RM13,999.

Now, to the main event…the following images were projected by my SONY VW870ES 4K Laser Projector unto my BESPOKE SCREEN, and taken with my SAMSUNG GALAXY FOLD 5 Hand phone…so they were not picture perfect to the actual image generated.

I could only compare the 4K video performance of the MAGNETAR UDP-900 to my trusty ol’ PIONEER UDP-LX500.

Firstly, I would say the MAGNETAR UDP-900 was a superior performer over the PIONEER UDP-LX500 in all areas! The moving picture stability was top notch with the MAGNETAR. There was no jagged outline as objects moved or panned across the screen, even at high dynamic and/or busy scenes.

The MAGNETAR UDP-900’s minute details were astounding.

Its contrast was magnificent.

The blacks at darker scenes were detailed and resolute.

Here, Indy was clearly not shaven (from ‘RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK’), behind a nice waterfall.

At a glance, some may argued that the MAGNETAR UDP-900’s video performance may not seem to be a day and night difference compared to the PIONEER UDP-LX500, especially in a fast paced or busy scene. However, to me, the ‘improvement in picture quality was there in spade‘ and subjectively, that was all that was matter.

In term of movies’ sound quality in all available formats…I would say the presented sound was fuller, clearer, more dynamic and detail.

If anyone wants the better physical media player then perhaps one considers the MAGNETAR UDP-900.