IN-AKUSTIK REFERENZ AC 4004 AIR Flagship Power Cord,…outstanding energy pipelines for perfect audiophile sounds?!

As mentioned at my earlier review of the IN-AKUSTIK REFERENZ LS-4004 AIR SILVER Speaker Cables, Mr. Danny Eng of D&A ANALOGUE (MALAYSIA) SDN.BHD (the distributor of IN-AKUSTIK) has also sent in the Flagship Power Cord from the German brand, the REFERENZ AC 4004 AIR (RM23,130 for 2 Meter).

Similar to the REFERENZ LS-4004 AIR SILVER Speaker Cables, the REFERENZ AC-4004 AIR Power Cord also utilised the same legendary technology, ‘AIR Technology‘ that employed ‘AIR HELIX Construction‘ for an almost perfect air isolation. “Thus, the resulted “air dielectric” ensures low capacities between the conductors. The multicore design compensates for the interference and magnetic fields caused by the current peaks. This considerably minimises the line inductance. In addition, the skin effect is greatly reduced by the large number of individual ‘copper wires’. This is caused by the steep current flanks that accompany high frequencies. By distributing the current over many copper wires, the actual usable conductor cross-section is increased, in addition to a general increase in overall cross-section. Thanks to these technical refinements, the AC-4004 AIR mains cables is able to supply the components with power even in extremely dynamic passages, and therefore can unleash the full potential of your electronics. As soon as electrical energy is transported, electromagnetic interference fields are inevitably generated. To avoid this, the AIR cables are shielded with a dense braid of tinned copper. This especially protects the adjacent audio components and cables from radiating interference fields caused by the high current peaks in the power cable. The many special features of the AIR mains cables therefore counteract all undesirable effects extremely well and make them what they are: outstanding energy pipelines for perfect audiophile sounds“. (excerpt from

Air Helix structure
Extremely low capacities thanks to air dielectric
16 copper wires | total cross-section 2×4,0mm²
Grounding conductor (protection class 1)
Individually tested (function, insulation, high voltage)
Dense shielding braid made of copper with oxidation protection (tinned)

“Outstanding energy pipelines for perfect audiophile sounds?!”

I connected the REFERENZ AC 4004 AIR Power Cord to my HIFI ROSE RS150B High Performance Network Streamer digital source for serious listening and review. I could testify that the result was immediate and straight forward.

Here, I was taken in by the immediate tight grip at the mid to lower bass region,…the bass was dynamic, articulate, and ‘catchy‘. Simply, the Pace, Rythm and Timing (PRaT) were First Rate!

At the next dynamic track, I found the quantum of the bass was generous enough to build up an enveloping and engaging soundstage. Never did that bass overwhelmed and blurred the mid-high and high. Here, the highs never irritate but captivated me from beginning to the end of the track (…colored me impressed).

I could not recall how many times I have heard the presentation of ‘The Theme from the Pink Panther‘ in that album. I just love the presentation with only some simple and natural (/native) sounding instruments. After the insertion of the REFERENZ AC 4004 AIR Power Cord to the HIFI ROSE RS150B, immediately I could easily enjoy greater and clearer space between the musicians and instruments within the soundstage. Due to that spacing, I got to enjoy the ‘nativeness and resolution‘ of each instrument.

Here, at the main track of “I m an Old Cowhand“, Mr. Sonny Rolling’s saxophone has not sounded that clear, defined, energised and vibrant before the insertion of the REFERENZ AC 4004 AIR Power Cord to the HIFI ROSE RS150B. Even the air movements, thus the vibrations from the mouth of the saxophone were more apparent,…in a way, I got to be closed to the saxophonist and his saxophone.

At the first track ‘Memory’, with the REFERENZ AC 4004 AIR Power Cord, I could hear clearly the minute dynamic/ energy from Ms. Nakashima’s voiceation and emotions, and the reverb generated from the interaction with the recording venue,…thus, I got to experience the difference in distance between the vocalist with the recording mike.

As for the accompanying piano, I could easily hear the interaction of the air movements and vibrations (minute dynamic/ energy nuances) generated from it with the air and space of the recording venue.

It was obvious to me here, that the REFERENZ AC 4004 AIR Power Cord assisted in the transparency that brought out the minute dynamic (or to me, synonymous to energy) nuances of the elements in the recording.


It was obvious to me the attributes of the IN-AKUSTIK REFERENZ AC 4004 AIR Power Cord in my audio system,…and that I would surely missed it when the time came to return it.