HI FI FLAMENCO UHQLP to enjoy and gauge!

Another UHQLP 1 STEP vinyl album that I have in hand, HI FI FLAMENCO (1999 Victor Entertainment/ Modern Records UHQLP 3112 at www.modernaudio.com and www.funghang.com) that I played for the review. Literally, that was the least noise level presentation of the album irrespective of types of media, in my audio system (I do have multiple version of the CDs and vinyl record). I was impressed with the audibility of the deepest boundary of the recording hall, the clearest reverbs from the bouncing floor boards, the clearest clapsinstruments and voiceation of the artists,…and finally, the artists’ interaction. The whole analogue playback experience was more aliveenergisedengaging and enjoyable, comparatively.