STUDIO Brought HOME! (Part 2)

Those of you who have followed our audiophile (Mr.) Adrian from Seremban, MALAYSIA may be awared of his recent upgrade or additions.

Every audiophile would seek higher fidelity or ‘better’ music reproduction…and that may cost some serious money (subjectively).

He upgraded his Home Theater with the ARCAM AVR 10 Receiver from AV DESIGNS SDN BHD (MALAYSIA). The Receiver came installed with DIRAC Live Room Correction Full Bandwidth for that High End Home Theater Experience.

Nowadays, laser projectors have lowered their price range to an ‘acceptable’ price point. Therefore, it was logical to our friend to upgrade to the Epson Pro Cinema LS12000 4K PRO-UHD®1 3-Chip 3LCD Laser Projector.

The center channel for the Home Theater was handled by the PMC MB3S AC loudspeakers,…the same calibre and standing as the Main left and right channels loudspeakers, the PMC MB3 XBD-A.

There were three (3) ASCENDO The 12” Subwoofers for that immediate enveloping and immersive low bass!!!

The Home Theater set up was carefully set up by the team at AV DESIGNS, …careful and meticulous,…took many long hours,…and a few days (no short cut!).

The end result was quiet, detail, expansive, enveloping and dynamic…the owner was happy…yet, the Team at AV DESIGNS wanted to improve the Home Theater performance further…that was how careful and meticulous (and responsible) they were (BRAVO).

Finally, the Surround Speakers were handled by the ASCENDO The 6” loudspeakers for refined details and envelopment.

Ultimately, the total Home Theater package was nothing short of ‘Impressively Engaging