REVIVAL AUDIO ATALANTE 5 Loudspeakers,…Hard to Beat?

(But) only almost two days ago, the well reviewed and received ATALANTE 5 flagship loudspeakers from REVIVAL AUDIO (FRANCE), reached the door of their Malaysia distributor, CREATIVE AV SDN BHD. Coincidentally, at that same day, (Mr.) KS Lin of CREATIVE AV visited me at my office, and invited me for a first impression/ review of the said loudspeakers at their showroom. I jumped at that invitation to listen to the creation of (Mr.) Daniel Emonts, the man who was ‘partly’ behind the development of the famed FOCAL Flagship, the GRANDE UTOPIA and other notable loudspeakers.

LYNGDORF TDAI-3400 Integrated Amplifier.

I was welcomed by an audio set up that comprised of the ATALANTE 5 loudspeakers powered and sourced by the award winner LYNGDORF TDAI-3400 Integrated Amplifier with TIDAL (CONNECT). I listened to that audio set up primarily sourced by TIDAL (CONNECT).

I must say that the look and workmanship of the ATALANTE 5 loudspeakers were gorgeous. Even the feel of the wood veneer was beyond satisfaction. KS Lin told me that it was designed and made (from A to Z) in France

‘I could easily kiss it!’

Then came the sound quality,…hmmm…I could easily fall for the ATALANTE 5 loudspeakers,…

The LYNGDORF TDAI-3400 TIDAL sourced/ integrated amplifier with the ATALANTE 5 loudspeakers could easily satisfied most listeners…even though the loudspeakers were not run in…there was already a ‘soothing balance‘ at the audible spectrum. There was no particular emphasis at any particular bandwidth…each tone was rounded and, well and neatly spaced.

DARTZEEL CTH-8550 Mk.2 Integrated Amplifier.

Later, I requested the amplifier to be swapped with the DARTZEEL CTH-8550 Mk.2…immediately, the audio presentation by the said loudspeakers changed to a heavier and more engaging presentation. However, the tonality remained soothing and entertaining

(in term of sound quality) ‘I have no inclination for more’

(there was a sense of satisfaction)

The soundstage and soundscape remained convincing and at an easily believable scale, with either integrated amplifier.

My final thought of the REVIVAL AUDIO ATALANTE 5 loudspeakers was very positive…at the retail price of RM27,800 per pair,…

They were hard to beat!