Treat or TAD Reference One, Mk.2 (Part 3)


It has been a few years since I last visited Mr.Wong’s audio set up. Thanks to some audiophile friends, namely Joseph Ki (JoKi) and Loo, who managed to arrange this revisit at a short notice.

Wong’s Audio System.

Wong has made a few changes or upgrades to his high end audio system since I last visited him, namely the addition of MARK LEVINSON No.436 Mono Amplifiers, the ACCUPHASE Voicing Equilizer DG-68, and some changes to the Acoustical Treatments.

The simple Acoustical Treatments.


In term of sound quality, both JoKi and Loo whom have visited the audio set up more times than me, have attested that it has improved over the previous set up(s) ,…which was easily agreeable. The audio system easily presented an ‘unobtrusive‘ quality with some ‘high end details‘ and ‘transperancy‘ to its source, the ACCUPHASE SA/CD Transport DP-950 and Digital to Analogue Converter DC-950.

The Audio System could easily play any genre of music, and at any ‘acceptable’ loud volume…the TAD Reference One Mk.2 loudspeakers were unobtrusively entertaining.

The spacious audio room.


In term of Audio Philosophy and Beliefs, I believed Wong has acquired some audio wisdoms,…namely “good sound” is very much a ‘subjective preference‘ , and… that it is only good and wise to talk to another with the same ‘subjective preference’ in “good sound”…“good to talk to one on the same road or journey”.

The tools of music reproduction.

He added that he would only share his audio wisdom, findings and desires to those audiophile whom he found them to be of similar ‘subjective preference’.

Plenty of room to entertain.

Wong (TAI XI) believed his audio journey has reached a plane that ‘very few‘ agreed upon…but, his audio system was an envy by many.

Wong and (Mr.) Shinji Tarutani, the CEO of TAD Labs (JAPAN).