AVANTGARDE TRIO G3 HORN, the Flagship from Germany!

Today, I was treated to a listening session at CENTRE CIRCLE AUDIO VISUAL Boutique (MALAYSIA), of their latest flagship horn loudspeakers from AVANTGARDE ACOUSTIC (GERMANY), the TRIO G3 ITRON, that was recently launched at the last quarter of 2022.

Firstly, I thought they coupled well with their accompanying subwoofers,…the audio presentation was coherent and was coming from a pair of loudspeakers instead of two (2) pairs of transducers. The bass was tight, fast and even nimble (in my experience, it is unheard of in any horn loudspeakers configuration), and coupled well with the room, space and acoustic of the audio room there. The impression there was that that huge loudspeakers were easy to handle, easy to listen and easily enjoyable.

Secondly, the center stage was presented with solid image(s depending on the software played) that could easily convince any listener that you are there with the performers. The “you were there” sensation was impressive!

Thirdly, the (minute) resolution of those loudspeakers rivaled the Top End Loudspeakers in the current market. Every nuance and subtlety of every tone was clearly presented (I know I have stated the above often…in my defence, the components were High End or even Top End). To me, those transducers were able to present the full resolution of any software and hardware in connection with them.

Finally, I left that listening session with high respect and adoration with the new AVANTGARDE TRIO G3 ITRON, and the accompanying ARIES CERAT Tube Electronics, and MOLA MOLA Digital Source.

List of Components used throughout the listening session:-

1. Mola Mola Tambaqui DAC
2. VPI Avenger Reference with Dynavector 507 MkII tonearm & DV DRT XV-1t
3. Aries Cerat Impera II Reference Pre Amp
4. Aries Cerat Talos MK2 Phono Amp
5. Aries Cerat Ianus Essentia Monoblock Power Amp