Yesterday, I received a pleasant message from Joseph Ki (affectionately known as JoKi among the BBC LS 3/5a collectors/ audiophile) that he would be sending the KLAV 2022 CDs to me.

Upon receipt of the CDs, I quickly and purposefully set up my FALCON LS 3/5a system for a listen…reason being that those tracks contained therein were monitored through JoKi’s personal audio system which comprised of the same (upgraded) LS 3/5a…well, I liked to listen to what he was listening to in those tracks. Generously and meticulously, JoKi did write out what to expect from each track…(however, he did stress “only if the audio system and set up were up to the task”).

After listening to each track therein, I realised how difficult it was to find, choose and obtain the rights for it…it was not just the entertainment value, but the quality, the experience and the expertise that each track could delivered to the audience (by JoKi).

Personally, a listen to the tracks therein and a read of the accompanying booklet, I believed that my audiophile wallet have been filled with a few nuggets of audio knowledge. That was not just an entertaining and musically satisfying CD but a learning tool of accumulated audio(phile) knowledge of nearly 40 years by the man himself.

Good work and well done Joki…a MUST HAVE CD!