Musically Heartfelt Hartfield from JBL

After a long hiatus due to the Covid Pandemic, my audiophile bones started to stiffen up…when can I move again? As Malaysia’s Covid situation started to be more controlled thus SOP started to loosened a bit…invitation to fellow Audiophile’s home audio set up started to come.


Paul Chong, a reputable dealer in used vinyl records and CDs at Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya has courteously allowed me to listen to his highly covetous JBL Hartfield loudspeakers of Lansing Heritage. These loudspeakers were once heralded as “the ultimate dream speaker” by the Life Magazine!


Paul is an audiophile of vintage audio components, and Shun Mook Tuning devices.


Clearly, he has spent countless of hours (and money) fine tuning his set up from loudspeakers placement, acoustics treatments, power supply treatment and etc…the end result speaks for itself.

The soundstage was clean, huge and enveloping (a pleasant surprise, given its vintage design). The bass, with the assistance from the Genelac Subwoofer, was well delineated and with the right amount of punch!

The vocal of any artist was in preferred balanced to the accompanying ensemble of musicians, and in preferred seductiveness. (Kudo to the owner!)

At the end of the session, I realised why they were deemed the Ultimate Dream Speaker…decades ago, JBL have achieved such high audio fidelity that (sadly) some modern loudspeaker designers/ manufacturers are still “struggling…”