My most recent visitation brought me to one of the country’s most comprehensive audio boutique, the CENTRE CIRCLE AUDIO VISUAL. They have been in business for decades and represent some of audio finest boutique brands in the world.

Some of you whom have followed me know how much love and respect I have toward the brand and products from ARIES CERAT (CYPRUS). (Mr.) Nelson Chia, the owner of the audio boutique, invited me to come and listen to their INCITO S preamplifier, TALOS phono amplifier and the IANUS mono amplifiers,…driving the newly arrived KHARMA VEYRON 4D loudspeakers.

Even though the ARIES CERAT tubes electronics and the KHARMA loudspeakers were new and not fully run in (Nelson apologised), the refinement at the higher frequencies, high transparency to even minute details (but not clinical), open soundscape, precise and stable imaging, great control through out the frequencies bandwidth, and ultimate musicality were unmissable. It was apparent to me that I was listening to the “singing of an Ultra End Audio System“.


Another newly arrival which I enjoyed, was the ACOUSTICS ART DRIVE II (GERMANY) CD Transport…”The core of the DRIVE II is the new high-end CD module CD-Pro8. Contrary to most other conventional designs, this module is equipped with a very solid diecast chassis in metal. The diecast chassis has excellent damping characteristics and simultaneously offers high stability and rigidity”,…which coupled with the WADAX ATLANTIS Digital to Analogue Converter.