Magical, Musical, MAGICO…

WTL TRADING, together with YY SOUND SYSTEMS SDN BHD have delivered some serious electronics to a MAGICO M PROJECT Loudspeakers owner. This rare pair of MAGICO was one of those limited edition.



So far, I know of only another pair of MAGICO M PROJECT Loudspeakers in MALAYSIA (read here at “OPEN DOOR“). From that experience, I realised that MAGICO LOUDSPEAKERS (US of A) design and build very transparent (but not analytical) transducers. In addition, I did have a little exposure to the MAGICO Q7. 1, Q7. 2 and their ULTIMATE HORN (at the MUNICH HIGH END SHOW some years back)…I was impressed.



The TECHDAS AIR FORCE PREMIUM 3 Turntable together with, the GRAHAM ENGINEERING Flagship Tonearm are indeed the formidable source here…especially with their jet black background due to the very low noise levelmusical details will just flow through.


CH PECISION (SWISS) electronics have garnered some serious attention within the audiophile community here…and for good reason…musical revelation and upgradability. 

The GRYPHON AUDIO (DENMARK) MEPHISTO MONO Class A Amplifiers are “TITAN” in my book of Audio Amplifier.

Such combination of electronics and transducers is truly magical and musical.