The GENESIS of Audio is Analogue.

Our Mr. Robin Chung from East Malaysia has just visited a local audiophile buddy, Mr. YY Yong at TAWAU for a listening session. Mr. Yong has been on the audio journey since 1980 and is still going strong till this day.

  He has just acquired a TWA (GERMANY) The RAVEN Turntable with an upgraded three (3) motors system, an ACOUSTICAL SYSTEMS (GERMANY) The AXIOM 12″ Tonearm, and an MC Cartridge TOR from ACOUSTICAL SYSTEMS.

 The HARMONIX TU 812 MX “MILLION” Clamp and the accompanying TU 800M “TRIBUTE” mat (sold separately) from COMBAK CORPORATION (JAPAN) are sure to bring musicality to the next level.

 The other analogue set up here is the  BRINKMANN BARDO DIRECT DRIVE Turntable, two tonearms; an ACOUSTICAL SYSTEMS AGUILAR 9” with ACOUSTICAL SYSTEMS PALLADIUM MC Cartridge, and BRINKMANN 10.5″ Tonearm with an MM Cartridge.

 The rest of his audio set up comprised of the VITUS SIGNATURE Preamplifier, VITUS REFERENCE Stereo Power amp, WADIA CDP, GENESIS V Loudspeakers, cables from CARDAS, MIT, and SHUNYATA, and PS AUDIO Power Conditioner.

The dedicated audio room’s dimension is 16’W x 26’D x 10’H and treated with the HARMONIX BUTTONS.

I look forward to listening to this wonderful audio set up by an audio veteran.