The Well-Voiced Dynamic Falcon LS 3/5a Gold Badge Monitors!

This time around, the main audio components attraction at Mr. Lai of Seremban (Negeri Sembilan, MALAYSIA) is not the DYNAUDIO C4 Loudspeakers.

But his newly purchased FALCON LS3/5a Gold Badge Monitors coupled with the Rogers AB-1 Subwoofers (that also act as the monitors’ stand).

The attraction did not stop there, Mr. Lai managed to have the Guru of LS 3/5a, Mr. Joseph Ki (also affectionately known as Joki) to position his monitors. Due to time and space constraints, the “Ki Method” of positioning the AB-1 with the LS3 /5a was not used (the “Ki Method” is available here to view at my visit {Open Door} to Joseph Ki’s audio den).

In addition, a pair of vintage LEAK Tube amplifiers were brought to the system by his neighbouring audiophile, Mr. Lee.


I was not there to witness this set up first hand. However, suffice to say it was an audio sensation…both audibly and visually.