(Still) Our Most Ambitious Audiophile?!

Recently, James Chin of YL AUDIO, MALAYSIA (distributor of ABSOLARE, ECHOLE CABLES, SKOGRAND CABLES, KRONOS AUDIO, LAWRENCE AUDIO, etc) invited me to his private audio den at his home…he politely stated that this audio den is open to serious audiophile/ friend only (understand that it is his private home), and that a more accessible show room (by appointment) will be opened soon at Bandar Kinrara.

Upon entering his audio den, immediately I was wowed by his latest initiatives in his audio den.

(a) Rare blocks of woods and (b) sizable elbow pipes were strategically placed around the floor space to break the standing waves and bass notes.

Specially ordered (c) buttons of ebony wood were affixed throughout the walls and ceiling in the den…and at the sides of his designed behemoth loudspeakers, the OCEAN FIVE ‘PACIFIC’!

He has added more (d) FRANK ACOUSTICS POWER BANKs to treat the incoming electrical power supply…twelve (12) units in total! In addition, he has a (e) FRANK ACOUSTICS AUTOFORMER to ensure voltage stability…and quite a few (f) ABYSS Independent Grounding Units (specially designed by Mr. Yoong) in a chrome metal can.

Finally, the most expensive upgrade to his audio system was the (g) ECHOLE CABLES latest flagship, the ‘INFINITY‘…maybe the best and more expensive conduit out there.

At my previous visit to that set up, the cables used were the ECHOLE CABLES previous flagship, the ‘LIMITED EDITION‘ (reviews available here) and those were already very impressive conduits…however, the ‘INFINITY‘ is of another league! 

After an almost two (2) hours of intense listening to James’ current audio set up…I exclaimed “impressive“…the presentation was huge, spacious and airy. The images were of generous proportion, within borders and spaciously spaced.

I found that the audio system was able to carry each note to its extreme bandwidth with ease, thus a free flow and easy presentation,…even at complex and demanding Orchestra/ Big Bang passages!

I did ask James, ‘what are your preferred sound quality?’ 

He preferred ‘Big and Lively‘ presentation, filled with Power, Energy and Dynamism…, not the ‘Fifty cent coin size mouth of the vocalist‘,…

…therefore his behemoth OCEAN FIVE ‘PACIFIC‘ loudspeakers and separate bass towers were designed to achieve just that! (even though not to some audiophile’s agreement?)

I think James has achieved the higher percentage of his preferred sound quality, and I dare not imagine what he would achieved given another year or two…my respect and gratitude to him.