An Audiophile’s “Philharmonic at Home”!

Here we have Mr. Robin Chung from East Malaysia to share with us his audio system, set up and room tuning.

He has been on the audio journey for some ten of years, and he discovered the importance of not just the audio gear but, also its set up and room/space acoustic.

He already has a number of different branded tweaks strategically placed at the audio gears and in the room/space. However, solid wooden diffusers are still the main stay in the room.


He is a frequent attendee at both the local and overseas philharmonic and, hope to enjoy some semblance of musical presentation from there at his audio/room set up.

The end audible result brought smile to Mr. Chung…

…, and have encouraged him to continue the journey.

That, to me, is a point to the right direction.