BRYSTON BIT 16AVR Isolated Transformer Power Conditioner…the Deal?!

The KRONOS PRO LTD Turntable, KRONOS SCPS PSU, BLACK BEAUTY 12″ Tonearm, and ZYX MC Cartridge connected to a full flagship NAIM System,

…all power conditioned by  (discontinued) BRYSTON BIT 16AVR [all BRYSTON products are distributed in MALAYSIA by AV DESIGNS SDN BHD]

…upgraded from the PS AUDIO P3 and TORUS IS8.

The verdict thus far, he claimed that the entire presentation is so much blacker…so much quieter than the previous two conditioners, the mid and higher frequencies are more expressive but never excessive, with a tad roundness to its boundaries.

As for the lower frequencies, the quantity and quality have improved…however, a little control and definition are desirable.

Therefore, the NAIM DBL loudspeakers may be tweaked a little…later.