CREATIVE AV Sdn. Bhd sent me the FURUTECH NCF BOOSTER BRACES, 2 sets of single and a set of double, some weeks ago. I used the ‘double’ brace for the VITUS MP-M201 mono amplifiers. Here I needed the double braces to secure and support the heavy power cords from GOBEL (GERMANY). Indeed, the sound quality has improved…the bass was more dimensional, deeper and impactful! The soundstage has more air, separation, space and depth…especially, that improved depth has lent realism to the soundscape!

However, the main reason of this write up is to express my excitement of the result obtained by having the single brace at the IEC Receptical of the PIONEER UDP-LX500 4K Player.

That addition, with only the factory supplied power cord, resulted in a more accurate color tone, detail, depth and blacker black with details within.

The much higher resolution of the 4K Blu Ray really shined out…to the extent that I started to rewatch titles that I thought I knew very well.

There were so much more detail to be seen in any given scene…

Ultimately, I only have to pay a small price for so much more to enjoy.