SONY VPL-VW870ES 4K SXRD Laser Projector Calibrated by AV DESIGNS! (cont’)

Firstly, I wish to thank James Tan and his team at AV DESIGNS Sdn. Bhd for taking the time, effort and patience to calibrate my SONY laser projector, even though it was not purchase from them…”Mighty generous of them”

Secondly, I wish to thank Venkatesh for the SONY software and counsel (to me) to calibrate the projector. The SONY projector was supplied by HIFI CHOICE (PENANG).

Thirdly, the photos here are taken by my SAMSUNG FOLD Z2 and that they do NOT represent accurately the picture quality but act as “mere representation” …it is NOT the SAMSUNG FOLD Z2 camera’s fault but my inability to capture them right.

After the calibration, I found the picture quality improved tremendously…

The colour corrected picture revealed so much more details, layering in the same colour, clearer outline, spacing and depth.

Skin tone and blood from the 4K HDR Blu Ray of JOHN WICK 3 was so much more accurate, comparatively.

The details of the leather sofa where Winston seated on in the vault…its creases, patterns, tones, layers, etc…all revealed.

The colourful festive celebration at IP MAN 4 4K HDR Blu Ray was so colourful and well differentiated as intended. Here, there was more layers of red colour at the red lanterns.

So far, I am most happy with the calibrated SONY laser projector…