FURUTECH NCF CLEAR LINE…Plug in for Lower Noise?

Just in for my review from FURUTECH local (Malaysia) distributor, CREATIVE AV Sdn.Bhd, the CLEAR LINE plug which supposedly lower the noise level thus improve the total sound quality of the heavily invested (not just financially) audio system.

Did it really work for me?

To be frank, I don’t really have anymore spare electrical point near the components to plug in the CLEAR LINE except…

…at the last available one at the first ‘sine wave’ filter (specially built) to the main incoming power from a dedicated phase (out of the 3 electrical phases to my house) for my total audio system.

After 24 hours of having the CLEAR LINE at that electrical point in the system, I noticed the total presentation was quieter…a darker background, the high was slightly rolled off which allow a bloomer but clean mid, and a rounder and defined bass.

Maybe, I should plug in the CLEAR LINE at other electrical points in the system for better and/or different results?…

Ultimately, I could appreciate the attractiveness and value added by the CLEAR LINE in any audio system…GIVE IT A TRY, YOU MAY LOVE IT/ THEM!