LINN KLIMAX SOLO AMPLIFIER,…back in action in my set!

My first experience with the LINN KLIMAX was their stereo version, the KLIMAX STEREO driving my then Wilson Audio Maxx 2 loudspeakers.


What captured my attention then was how dense, palpable, powerful and yet musical its midrange,…not that its high and low were weak. In addition, the Pace, Rhythm and Timing (PRaT) were second to none,…amounting to a “very analogue” presentation exclaimed my sifu. However, I did not plunge into that KLIMAX STEREO then, due to my heavy commitment into the Clearaudio Statement turntable and the Wilson Audio Maxx 2.

Still,…that very positive impression of that sound quality from the KLIMAX STEREO amplifier lingered within my audiophile heart. A few years passed, chance has it that a friendly audio distributor, PERFECT HIFI (MALAYSIA) was awarded the local distribution of LINN products, and I was invited for a serious listening of a total LINN system at the KLAV show.

To cut the story short, I committed to the LINN KLIMAX DS (Digital Streamer) and a pair of the KLIMAX SOLO amplifiers,…and that pair stayed with me till today!