A MASTER at WORK! (Part 1)

The host here, Mr.Ng (nicknamed Wong Pak Man) used to be an audio boutique owner.

He used to represent some serious hi-end audio brands; Shunyata, Tom Evans, Linn, Basis, TWA, Rogue,…etc

Fortunately for him that he has given up on the audio business and ventured into the toy industry…

…,that he has done very well.

He decided to return to his main passion,…


He knows that music play right need the right audio system!

After some careful deliberation, he decided the following gears;…

…, Magico M6 loudspeaker,

Vitus MP-M201 Mono amplifier,

Bespoke Passive Line Stage,

Kronos Pro Turntable,

Sperling L-1 Turntable,

Vitus MP-P201 Phonostage, and etc, etc, etc.

For an initial set up, YL Audio’s James loaned him his personal Nagra CD player.

Initial listening exposed some room modes that needed attention.

It was to be expected,…

…that all spaces surrounding an audio set up required some attention and treatment.

To me, the ideal idea is to listen to the music through your audio gears…without negative interventions from the surrounding spaces.

Some believe in the least/no treatment and others believe in necessary treatments to that spaces.

I believe in the latter.

I am sure Mr.Ng will do what is needed for his audio nirvana.

Follow up soon…