Zhao Cong “Sound of China/ Dance in the Moon {Pipa Album} (Modern Records MCD3101UHQCD)

Crystal CD/ UHQCD has proven to be invaluable in anyone’s CD collection, in my audio book…thanks to Andy Lam and Mimi Chung for introducing me to them!
The following excerpt is taken from the Gryphon Ethos review,

“At Filter 2 and Filter 3, the double strings of pipa from (Ms.) Zhao Cong “Sound of China/ Dance in the Moon {Pipa Album} (Modern Records MCD3101UHQCD) were vividly expressive in terms of vibrancy, energy and their transient thereof. I could easily follow Zhao’s fingers as they moved forward and backward across the strings of the pipa, and I might add more so at Filter 3. Here, there was more “bite and sizzle” from the strings which could be translated into transient of energy from the strings, comparatively (with Filter 1 & 2). With the Upsampling to 384kHz, it did brought out more nuances between and within the strings of the pipa. Thus, I was better able to appreciate the skills of the artist. In addition, there was better control over the lower to lowest frequencies thus enabled me to follow the notes to their intended lowest region”.