Tsai Chin “audition disc”

An extremely well recorded CD with detail that is Unheard Of…must buy!

The following is taken from the review of WADAX ATLANTIS Transport and DAC;

“Seeing that I have been most attentive to vocalization, Nelson Chia recommended to listen, Tsai Chin “audition disc” (6N Pure Silver Disc/ Red Records International Limited). Her voice, performance and recording are most familiar to most local audiophile. He teased that I would be as surprise as he did listening to that recording through the WADAX Atlantis combo…and that, I gladly did. For the first time, I heard Tsai Chin not only sing out her lyric most emotionally but breathing out certain words in the lyric. Again, a new experience for me of a well known presentation (again), and ultimately, confirmed to me that the WADAX Atlantis combo have that higher transparencyhigher resolution, and slightly more spotlights and highlights of the elements, and not merely presented them differently”.