The Magical Solution!…Magico Soulution(?!)

A fine evening turned out to be when music was being played honestly.

When I managed to get an invitation to listen to a local ‘BIG’ audio system, I found myself excited.

It’s been sometime since I last visited this audio set up.

To the extend, it felt like entering the audio room for the first time.

The owner hoped to remain anonymous in this write up…and I respect that.

It be told that the wonderful treated audio room was the ‘brainchild’ of the owner…after some extensive researching.

He engaged professional carpenters and workmen to do up the audio room in accordance to his specifications.

I brought over some audiophile buddies there and all of us agreed that the audio room was very comforting (even before the music begins).

It was very relaxing.

After some chit chat, music began…’Analogue’, all the way…throughout the evening till midnight!

As the music played, I noticed how ‘free’ the upper frequencies were…

…I started to notice the ceiling,…

…it was higher than 12 feet, I estimated.

I admit that I am not a big fan of high ceiling (higher than 10 feet) for an audio system or loudspeakers (in particular), to perform their best, except for loudspeakers that were taller than 10 feet (of course).

It is not easy for most loudspeakers to present a soundscape/soundstage to fill up that much height(?!).

In other words, the height of the soundscape/soundstage will not reach the ceiling.

Therefore, in most cases, the listener will be able to perceive the ‘limitation’ of the uppermost projected soundscape/soundstage,…

…thus realized the ’artificiality/weakness’ of the presented music and its soundscape/soundstage.

In addition, higher ceiling means more air to be moved by the loudspeakers, that also translate to more power demand at the amplifier!

I realized that I was in a most demanding audio room for any audio system, even for the very Top End Audio Gears!

Oddly, I did not hear any of my above mentioned concerns.

On the contrary, I found the soundscape/soundstage fill up the entire front stage, all the way to the highest height of the ceiling!

If I may be so bold, I think the audio system’s soundscape/soundstage may be able to go much higher(?!).

I believed that the limited edition Magico loudspeakers and the flagship Soulution mono amplifiers were an impressive match.

The imaging of the ‘Three Cellists’ from the first vinyl record played, was defined, focused and spaced out within a huge soundstage that filled up an equally huge audio room, from the record played through the Clearaudio Statement turntable with the Thales Simplicity Tonearm and Top Wing Red Sparrow MC Cartridge.

Next, I notice that the tonal balance was balanced toward the ’warmer spectrum’.

I believed that was a matter of choice by the owner.

Later, it was shared that that tonality may be the result of the Top Wing Red Sparrow MC Cartridge.

”For more excitement and kick”, the owner was recommended the Top Wing Blue Dragon MC Cartridge.

I did not get to hear the suggested Top Wing Blue Dragon MC Cartridge, which the owner already has in hand.

However, I was already well impressed and entertained by the installed Top Wing Red Sparrow MC Cartridge.

I wish to elaborate that although the tonal balance was ‘warmer’ but the timing of each note was accurate to my ears.

Each note was defined with segregation, and differentiation. Therefore, a sense of realism was presented (given the right recording).

I think the owner has made the right move to add a substantial subwoofer of twin 18” woofer from Magico to the system.

The subwoofer was well placed and set up that it would not call attention to itself. However, it would burst into life when called for…impressive!

The power supply to the audio system was properly filtered and each audio component was secondarily grounded…and certain cables were grounded too!

That resulted in an extremely low noise floor in the audio system’s presentation, that brought to mind; ‘dead quiet’.

I wish to share that the ‘dead quiet’ was also contributed by the well treated and tuned audio room. I walked about the entire audio room and was impressed that there was no standing wave, no bass boom or any irritation whatsoever!

Music flows well in that audio room, from that well matched and tuned audio system!

My wish is that more audiophile may be so bold and committed!

Please sign me up for another and hopefully more listening session(s)…enjoyed!