Treat or TAD Reference One, Mk.2 (Part 2)


I was fortunate to be informed that Wong has decided to upgrade his audio system!



Other than more acoustics treatments in the audio room, he has upgraded his digital source with the Tank-Like Build Flagship SACD/CD Transport (DP-950) and Flagship Digital to Analogue Converter (DC-950) from Accuphase, Japan.



I would say that Wong has a very specific taste in musical presentation from an audio system.



I remembered that I did asked him what was his criteria in music reproduction…



He wanted the bass to be soft landed, natural, detail, layered, dimensional soundstage, etc…



Of course, the above was not the exhaustive list of criteria of his desired audio system’s sound quality.



However, to satisfy those criteria alone would not be an easy task…even for an experience audiophile?



Wong assured me that he was not in a hurry to achieve that goal…to him, he savored the audio journey to audio heaven.



He played some tunes…immediately, I was impressed with the Accuphase Flagship Digital Source…



To me the above mentioned criteria that Wong was looking for…he was (very) nearing there!
The source’s sound quality was dead quiet, great depth in the soundstage, transparent to the recorded detail, refined highs, defined bass from the mid to the low, etc (again not an exhaustive list of attributes from that audio system and the newly added digital source).



I left that listening session with a lingering desire for that Accuphase Flagship Digital Source…not often that I was wowed by any audio source especially a digital unit (no hostility intended).
Then, I was informed that Wong has received the Accuphase Flagship Preamplifier to make up a complete Accuphase Audio System…stay tuned.