Naim that Seremban System? (Part 3)

Its always nice to be re invited back to listen to a recognizable audio system…

…especially when you knew the owner has been hard at work to improve its sound quality!

The other reason I came back was to listen to the Kronos new power supply for the Sparta Turntable (my take on that will be on another independent review).

We started the listening session with the Kronos Sparta Turntable, Helena Tonearm, ZYX MC Phono Cartridge and its original power supply…then proceeded with the Kronos new power supply (wait for the review).

Adrian, the owner of the system, asked me which track to start off with?

Without me answering, he chose my favorite track from ‘Kit Chan’…

Immediately, that put a smile on my face.

When the first note struck, my ear and heart fell to a sensation…

…that reminded of the presentation from my very own audio system!


The vocalisation and it’s position within the soundstage was spot on!

Each note from the piano, whether it be the higher keys or the lowest note were proportionately and positionally correct…that, by itself was a feat that many have failed to present.

However, “there were other areas that need to be improved”, enthused the owner, Adrian.

I agreed that the soundstage could be wider, deeper and higher…the delineation of images could be strengthened,…separation could be spaced further,…etc

With Adrian’s enthusiasm, generosity and permission, we proceeded to try some ol’ audiophile treats and tricks (with our ears opened!),…

We managed to present a ‘believable life-sized’ soundstage with some recordings, with better spacing, and deeper, more accurate, defined and extended bass!

I shared to Adrian that the evening efforts may not be his audio system’s ultimate performance but it was surely a level upward for future engagement…enjoyed