The Well-Voiced Dynamic Dynaudio (Part 1)


Mr.Lai allowed me to grace his audio system that comprised a wonderful pair of Dynaudio C4 loudspeakers.

I was told that these C4 were heavily modified with superior audiophile parts at the internal crossovers.

The internal wires were swapped with better conduit, to say the least.

The main source here was none other than the Analogue.

The Turntable of choice is Dr. Feickert BlackBird.

It is a belt drive turntable.

It is placed atop a sturdy audio rack that reminded me of the well known Mana Acoustics Rack from England…

…which paired pretty amazingly with the famous Linn LP12 Turntable.

The Tonearm used is the Primary Control Reference.

The phono MC cartridge is the Benz Micro Glider SL.

The Aesthetix Rhea phono amplifier is used to amplified the less than tenth of a milliwatt signal generated from the MC phono cartridge.

Then those signal is sent to the PassLabs XP20 preamplifier…

…which then pass to the PassLabs X350 Stereo Amplifier.

I must say that PassLabs made these X350 amplifiers to be able to drive most loads of any loudspeakers till ‘Kingdom comes’!

The X350 may not be the latest amplifier model offering from PassLabs, but it sure did a great job of driving the Dynaudio C4 to above 100dB peak with ease, and cleanly plus coherently.

Credit must also be given to the Jorma Speaker Cables…

…that I believed, provided a well balance tonality to the whole musical presentation, of whatever musical genre being played!

Of course there is a reputable CD player, the Esoteric SA50 for music not available on vinyl.

There is even Home Theatre components to compliment the audio system for the other non audiophile members of the family…

I know that there must be a subwoofer for the Home Theatre…”an SVS subwoofer is the way to go!” (exclaimed the owner).

To voice his main audio system, Lai has a pair of Rogers LS 3/5a to remind him of the “expected standard of accurate reproduction of tonality”.

I realized that he has achieved that ‘level of tonality’ that reminiscence of that well accepted mini-monitor, but with ‘well anchored lower frequencies’ that added realism to the playback of reproduce music.

There is no decent audio system with decent audio presentation without good supply of current!…a firm belief of the owner here.

…And a decent couch…or two!

Lai is a proud member of the Analogue Fellowship and its an honor to be invited and listened to his wonderful audio set up of equal sound performance!