Generous Comments of my Audio Den (Cont’)


I have opened my audio den’s door to some local and prominent audiophile.

The following were some of the generous comments that I have received;-


Loo Lam Sun whom I respected and considered to have a keen audiophile ears,

”Tonight I have a great opportunity to mark my footprint to Dato Danon Han’s “a.k.a DD” Mega system. Entering DD’s man cave nothing different from entering a museum. Right in front of me is a room that full of hifi machines and equipments. Furthermore the quietness in his room was scary even though I’m not alone here. After a short but detailing introduction from the man cave owner and the game kick start. Different types of music been showcasing.

First was the vocal from Kit Chan. The size of her vocal proportion just very accurate to my ear acceptable level. A huge and tall speakers plus all in four towers to have such presentation is not easy. Closed my eyes, Kit Chan just ghostly like real performing in front stage.These a greatest challenge to a giant system. I know when a huge system could provide accuracy in vocal and nothing shall be in it’s barrier. Speed and dynamic in this system during some others music instrumentals presentation was not like my experienced in others system before. It just supremely natural and comfortable. These very much different from those Tsunami attacking system that will just keep attacking my ear. The most remarkable was when Sheffield Drum Track was playing. To me, any system also could crank loud in this drum track but they are doing shouting rather than singing. The almost instantly timely drum attack has proven how powerful of the four towers.

Lastly I also realized that to enjoy the optimum music playing back in this room, no compromise! There is only a King sitting. If you able to find it and your pair of ear will have a very light wind blowing feeling when music is not playing.

Dato, thank you so much for your kind hospitality and music journey sharing. Your Kongfu has proven tonight. Good night and thank you“.


The famed LS 3/5a collector, and champion, Joseph Ki (of Joki’s Method of LS 3/5a placement configuration),

”Good morning Dato. Thank you for the great listening session last night. I enjoyed the presentation thoroughly. It has the imminent power of the 4 piece tower speakers and yet has the abilities to retrieve fine micro-dynamic, and everything in between, is seldom come across!!

The level of low level energy and yet remain in total control and definition, delineating in myriads of a complex passages is the best in my listening experience so far! … this is quite a feat.

I am proud of your achievement. You’ve rekindled Kit Chan intimacy refinements of her vocal artistry that I was first experienced but now with denser imaging i and spectrum

I salute you and my respect to your achievement🙏👍👏👏👏”


An Avid Audiophile, TAD (loudspeakers) Tan,

”Hi Dato, thanks for your time and dinner.
It was quite an experience. High resolution , huge dynamics, wide bandwidth, big big slam, big dimensional sound stage with excellent image delineation. At ease when played very loud and at the same time never sounded aggressive or rough. Despite all the big stuff it is capable of it can sound intimate on quieter recordings.
This system playing one night in Bangkok and Funky Town on LP is without peers.
You tick many many if not all audiophile parameters.


A well known audiophile, Dr. Rashid,

“Wow, super high end HiFi system with super high end sound. I truly enjoyed the session last night and your liberal discussion and explanation of your system. 2 thumbs up.
Thank you for inviting, Dato.”

Flemming E.Rasmussen, The Founder of Gryphon Audio Denmark…The Gryphonist!
“Lots of fond memories from those trips and some of the best sounds on the planet”