Naim that Seremban System? (Part 2)


The Importance of Source?!

The owner, Adrian was pondering whether to upgrade the electronic, the speakers or the source.

Due to a budget, and after some serious consideration with many auditions, he has decided to upgrade the source!

The choice was the Kronos Sparta Turntable and the Helena Tonearm with a ZYX Omega MC Cartridge.

Adrian believed that the upgrade of source was much better than an upgrade to the electronic.

The audible differences were that the presentation was more powerful, thrustful, dynamic, and bass full (in the most positive of audiophile sense).

Those bass were defined, delineated, focused, directional, detail and dimensional.

In term of upper frequencies, the minute detail and nuances were refined and defined.

That source alone literally transformed the entire system’s performance to higher height or I dared say, a different league!

Daimler Tan said the following about the upgraded source,

“Never forgetting my Taikoh Adrian’s rig… A system that never fails to amaze me time and again… This time with the inclusion of Kronos Sparta…. A big Big WOW! is what I can say about the improvements (as compared with the Naim CDS1 and Thorens tt as source)… A quantum leap, I would say… With credits given to Dato Han for fine tuning the stylus and tonearm setup… Never before have I heard a turntable being able to make such a big difference!! I can only warn U guys… Be prepared to be blown away with high dynamics, lively sounds and very accurate cd like precision sounds from this analogue rig!!!”

I am sure we would not hear the last upgrade here…