Don’t Be Fooled (But Be Fooled)


Encik Ariff, the owner of the current audio set up, has been on the audio journey for some decades.

When this senior audiophile invites you to come over for a listen, I strongly advise you to rush over.

Why? Cos this senior has a reputation of not maintaining his set up for long.

“Life is too short to stay the same”, that’s his ‘audio motto’.

Current set up (till April, 2019):

”Source: Verdier la platine,

Tonearm is analogue instrument Siggwan,

Zesto phono stage,

Cd is the Denon 961 broad cast monitors,

Pre amp is the Truth,

Power amp is Gamut mono blocks,

Speakers are the Grand Teton SE,

Interconnect is blue jeans, and

Speaker cables Be Yammamura”

At first sight, I said to myself, could those Grand Teton SE mini monitor ‘fit in the bill’ fot that sizable audio room?!

Grand Teton SE mini monitor was not a well known or recognized performer in my audio book. But I knew Ariff for sometimes already and I trusted his ears. He told me to give ‘em a chance and hold my judgment.

After that listening session, I told Ariff that it was the best experience that I had in that audio room (honestly).

That presentation and sound stage enveloped the entire room, with musical elements that engaged my soul.

I m an audiophile and an audio reviewer that is well experience in the ultimate end in audio componentary and that I am not easily taken into by any audio component. However, I found myself lost that day.

The music just kept coming at me.

I would say that I was satisfied enough that my mind was not interested in reviewing the performance of the audio system…it’s that INTERESTING!

Still…the review must continue…

We continued the listening session with both digital CD and analogue record formats.

I am happy to report that the analogue format walked over the digital format by a few league, in that audio system, and in my audio book.

In all fairness, here, the analogue source is costlier than the digital source.

Still, there was no contest!

I must say that that ‘INTERESTING’ audio performance was, in part, due to the many efforts and tweaks by the owner.

He shared to me his latest initiative…

…I am not allowed to share the idea and origin behind them,…

However, I believed the pictures were obvious enough…

According to Ariff, these tweaks helped to create that ‘soundstage’ and ‘made those musical elements more audible’.

Happy for you, Ariff!

He just added an ENIGMAcoustic Super Tweeter and it improved specificity of images in the sound stage!