A Brutale Plunge into Pilium Audio?! (Part 1)


Mr. Tee, the owner of this wonderful audio system that centered around the Focal Scala Loudspeakers, has ‘Open Door’ for me to listen to the system.

With a condition?! He wanted a great preamplifier and amplifier that merited the performance level of the Focal Scala Loudspeakers!

I recommended the Pilium Audio Brutale Ares (preamplifier retail at €19,000) and Achilles (stereo amplifier retail at €29,000). 

After some serious consideration, his interest was peaked!

On hand, Mr. Tee got some branded components for comparison. 

In short, the conclusion was in favor of the Pilium Audio. 

The soundstage opened up wide, high and deep.

The noise level was so low that dense images could just popped out from a jet black background.

In addition, so much more detail, nuances and music could be heard, with dynamic slam and bang to match.

Finally, I believed that the owner was given the performance that the Scala was meant to be.

If you are still guessing…Mr.Tee has taken the plunge for the Pilium Audio!

Now, he has source and cables to consider upgrading…?!