Kronos Audio’s Louis Desjardins visits Analogue Fellowship 2019


“The Source is where you work the hardest!”

Louis visited Malaysia a number of times already. Each time, he would share some neat discoveries to improve the performance of the Kronos Analogue System.

Here, we have Louis tweaking the Kronos Pro Ltd Turntable.

It may be simple…

But it really work…

( James of YL Audio is the current distributor of all things Kronos Audio…

But, YL Audio has appointed Perfect HiFi as the main dealer for the Kronos Audio Turntables, Tonearms and MC Cartridges.

In other words, Malaysian buys their favorite Kronos Audio Turntables from Perfect HiFi! )

Back to Louis and James at work with my Kronos Pro Ltd Turntable…

The suspensions of the Kronos Pro Ltd Turntable must be tuned…

I assured you that the difference or the improvement was audible. The guests and I were shocked of the improvements made with the suspensions alone.

Later, Louis changed the umbilical cord between the Turntable’s SCPS with its PSU…the further audible improvements was inconceivable!

Then, he changed the umbilical cords of the Kronos Reference Phono Amplifier…another higher level of improvements…

Finally, the Black Beauty 12” Tonearm’s bearing cup holder was changed with their latest offering made of  a special alloy…wow! 

We appreciated each level of audible improvement throughout the entire initiative.

Very impressive, Louis.

It goes to show that the source in any audio system must be the main attention of the audiophile.

To me, the stronger the source, the more one could showcase the audio system strength and one’s skill and knowledge as an audiophile.